Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter – Price & Details for Sale


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Discover the cutting-edge Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter for sale. Get competitive pricing details, top-notch features, and efficient performance. Ideal for landscaping professionals. Shop now!


Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter – Price & Details for Sale

Welcome to the cutting-edge of landscaping technology! Stella Engineering is proud to present the Stella URS 100, a state-of-the-art remote-controlled brushcutter designed to tackle the toughest terrain with ease and precision. With competitive pricing and unrivaled performance, this brushcutter is an investment in your productivity and success. You can read on for detailed information on features, pricing, and how the Stella URS 100 can revolutionize your outdoor maintenance.


Specification Details
Engine Honda IGXV 800 EFI
Engine Power 26 kW
Working Width 100 cm
Cutting Height 20-120 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1700x1420x920 mm
Mass 640 kg
Engine Size 800 cc
Hydraulic Pump Size 45 liters/min (approximate, confirm with manufacturer)
Drive Hydraulic
Mowing Width 100 cm
Depth Cutting height: 20-120 mm
Track Size and Material Rubber tracks, 300 mm width, reinforced with steel
Operator Proximity Remote control operation, operator can be up to 300 meters away
Maximum Slope Climb Up to 45 degrees
Metal Sturdiness Constructed from high-strength steel, resistant to moderate rock impact
Fuel Type and Capacity Unleaded petrol, 15-liter fuel tank
Run Time Approximately 3-4 hours on a full tank (varies with load and conditions)

Discover the Stella URS 100: The Ultimate Remote-Controlled Brushcutter

Welcome to the future of lawn care with Stella Engineering’s groundbreaking Stella URS 100. Our remote-controlled brushcutter is reshaping the way homeowners and professionals manage their outdoor spaces. The Stella URS 100 isn’t just any piece of garden machinery; it’s a state-of-the-art tool designed to tackle the toughest terrains with ease, providing unmatched efficiency and precision in lawn care.

Why spend countless hours manually clearing brush when the Stella URS 100 can do it for you with just the press of a button? This dynamic remote-controlled brushcutter is equipped with a robust engine and sharp, durable blades ready to slice through overgrown grass, dense underbrush, and stubborn weeds. Harnessing the power of advanced technology, the URS 100 ensures a perfect cut every time, all from a comfortable distance. No more straining your back or dealing with the discomfort of traditional brushcutters; the Stella URS 100 offers the ultimate convenience without compromising on performance.

Pricing can often be a concern, but we’ve worked diligently to ensure that the Stella URS 100 is not only top-tier in quality but also accessible. The competitive pricing reflects our commitment to providing top-notch garden machinery that’s within reach for a wide range of budgets. When you invest in the Stella URS 100, you’re not just buying a brushcutter; you’re making a long-term investment in your property’s beauty and maintenance.

The details of the Stella URS 100 speak for themselves; from its intuitive controls to its safety features, every aspect has been carefully engineered to meet the highest standards. It’s no wonder that the Stella URS 100 is becoming the preferred choice for both amateur gardeners and professional landscapers looking for reliable and efficient garden machinery.

If you’re ready to elevate your lawn care game and experience the best that technology has to offer, the Stella URS 100 is waiting for you. As your shop manager, I invite you to visit us and see firsthand the power and precision that the Stella URS 100 brings to the table. Should you have any questions or need further details, our knowledgeable staff are on hand to ensure that you make an informed purchase. Discover how the Stella URS 100 can transform your outdoor work today!Rich content results: ImageRich content results: TableRich content results: List


stella urs 100 price

Maximizing Efficiency with the Stella URS Tractor Attachment

Welcome to Stella Engineering, where we’re committed to enhancing your landscaping and brushcutting tasks with our formidable Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter. The Stella URS family of tractor attachments is designed to boost your efficiency, seamlessly melding with your existing equipment to tackle the toughest jobs with ease. Our Stella URS 100 model exemplifies versatility and robustness, offering unparalleled control and precision for every project.

When it comes to managing overgrown fields or unwieldy brush, traditional manual methods can’t hold a candle to the Stella URS tractor attachment. This attachment transforms your tractor into a high-powered tool capable of mowing down the competition—literally. Its remote-controlled features allow for a safer and more convenient operation, keeping operators at a comfortable distance while the URS 100 does the heavy lifting.

One of the distinct advantages of integrating the Stella URS tractor attachment with your equipment fleet is the additional freedom it gives you. No longer will you be strapped into the driver’s seat for hours on end, straining to reach awkward patches of brush or navigate tough terrain. Instead, with the URS 100, you can stand at a safe vantage point, piloting your brushcutter to where it’s needed most, thereby dramatically enhancing your overall efficiency.

Moreover, Stella Engineering prides itself on the quality and durability of its products. We understand that professionals like you require a reliable partner in the field, and the Stella URS 100 is just that. Its meticulous design and construction ensure that it performs at peak efficiency with every use, pushing your productivity to new heights.

Investing in a Stella URS tractor attachment is a decision that pays for itself in no time. By reducing manual labor and cutting down the time spent on clearing land, you’ll be able to redirect your efforts and resources where they’re needed most. This is an indispensable addition to your arsenal, giving you that competitive edge in your landscaping business or rural property maintenance.

Ready to take control of your outdoor operations like never before? We welcome you to discover the full potential of the Stella URS 100 and experience how it can transform your approach to brushcutting. For pricing details and how to secure your very own Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter, visit us in-store or reach out to our dedicated sales team today. Don’t let another day of laborious cutting pass you by—maximize your efficiency and elevate your capabilities with Stella Engineering.Rich content results: Image


stella urs 100 price

Essential Details and Pricing for the URS 100 Model

As the pioneering shop manager at Stella Engineering, it’s my pleasure to present to our esteemed customers the latest in vegetation management technology – the Stella URS 100 remote-controlled brushcutter. This remarkable product has been meticulously designed to tackle the most challenging terrains and the toughest undergrowth, ensuring that your landscaping needs are not just met but exceeded with top-tier performance and reliability. The URS 100 model stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to getting the job done efficiently and effectively, the Stella URS 100 is your go-to solution. This powerhouse tool doesn’t just get the job done—it revolutionizes the way it’s done. We’re excited to provide essential details about the URS 100 and its capabilities, which include an impressively robust cutting system powered by a strong engine that can conquer dense brush and saplings with ease. The user-friendly remote control enhances safety and provides impeccable maneuverability, allowing operators to tackle any task from a safe distance with precision control.

The robustness of the Stella URS 100 extends to its durability, designed to withstand rigorous use in various environments. This brushcutter is built with high-quality materials that assure longevity and consistent performance. It’s a true asset for any professional looking to streamline their workflow and increase productivity. But it’s not just about power; it’s also about practicality. The compact design of the Stella URS tractor attachment ensures it is transportable and accessible for various work sites, emphasizing versatility as a key component of the URS 100 model.

Understanding that investment in such high-caliber equipment requires consideration, we are committed to transparency when it comes to pricing. We offer competitive Stella URS prices that reflect the unparalleled quality and advanced technology you invest in. Moreover, our pricing strategy is rooted in delivering value, which means every dollar spent is a step towards enhancing your operational efficiency and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Here at Stella Engineering, we believe that the right equipment can elevate your work to new heights. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Stella URS 100 for sale, an unbeatable combination of performance, durability, and ease of use. To learn more about the essential details, or to discuss our fair prices, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to guide you through every aspect of the purchase process, providing you with a seamless shopping experience that meets your professional requirements and budgetary considerations.

In conclusion, the Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter represents a pinnacle of convenience and safety in modern landscaping technology. The affordability of our model pairs seamlessly with an impeccable build attributed to Stella Engineering‘s commitment to quality. With competitive pricing to fit diverse budgets, the URS 100 is an investment towards efficiency and precision in vegetation management. Visit our sales page or contact our expert team to discuss the Stella URS 100, tailored to streamline your operations without breaking the bank. Stella Engineering — where innovation meets the earth.Rich content results: ImageRich content results: FormRich content results: FAQs


Additional Information

Customer Reviews (4.50)

(4 customer reviews)

4 reviews for Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter – Price & Details for Sale

  1. John Carter

    I recently purchased the Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter from Stella Engineering, and I am beyond satisfied with my purchase. The machine’s efficiency is impressive; it effortlessly clears thick brush and tough terrain with ease. The remote control is intuitive and allows for precise operation, making the entire process incredibly smooth. The brushcutter’s powerful engine ensures that no job is too big. Delivery was prompt, arriving exactly on the promised date, and the packaging was secure, preventing any potential damage during transit. I highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a reliable brushcutter.

  2. Rene Fimbres

    Haven’t had the privilege of using your machine but after watching a few videos, I’m certainly convinced that this URS 100 will tackle the job at hand. I’m in mountainous Tehachapi California sitting on 6 acres. July is brush clearing season & this URS 100 Is absolutely the perfect tool to use?



  4. Michael Davis

    Purchasing the Stella URS 100 Remote-Controlled Brushcutter has been one of the best decisions for my landscaping business. The efficiency of this machine is remarkable; it cuts through thick brush and tall grass like a knife through butter. The remote control allows for precise maneuvering, which is essential for tackling difficult areas. The robust build and powerful engine make it a reliable tool for extensive use. Delivery was fast and efficient, with the brushcutter arriving well-packaged and undamaged. Stella Engineering has certainly delivered a top-notch product.

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